1 Aug 2013

Edward Snowden is Free, in Russia

Edward Snowden
Finally the novel about the asylum for Edward Snowden has come to an end; he was granted asylum in Russia for a year. As his lawyer Anatoly Kucherena said, “Snowden has left a Moscow airport to a safe place that will not be disclosed and during this period he may choose to stay in Russia or find another country to live”.

Taking advantage of this situation, American authorities keeps hammering away at him by saying he is a traitor and should be given back by Russian authorities to be judged in American soil. But, using the press, they do not mention absolutely anything about what Snowden leaked, that’s to say, that NSA and other spy agencies tapped almost all we do online besides listening to millions of call phones around the world. That’s a spy strategy – to focus on a target and to keep ears and eyes away of the main subject. The aim is Edward Snowden.

A war of spies has started since them. In one hand, CIA and several spy American agencies working hard to do not lose track of Snowden in Russia and, in the other hand, the Russians FSB and GRU doing everything they can do to hinder them. For the Russians, Snowden is a small problem – and also a reason for amusement. After all, he has done nothing but to say that NSA spies Americans and the entire world, things that are not new to the Russians (perhaps they do similar things).

Russia is not a safe place to Snowden. There’s a potential hazard of Russians agencies using him as bargaining counter in the future. The US will put Russia under pressure to release him as soon as possible and it would not be surprise if in this meantime some Russian ‘spy’ agent gets arrested in America – and so, Snowden would be the bargaining counter.

It’s amazing how easily governments around the world (not only in the US) use media, press, etc. to brainstorm people’s minds. In this case only what Edward Snowden did is widely discussed by the press with rare mention to what has taken him to do this. Everybody is drawn to believe that this man is dangerous and should be locked up as soon as possible. But, the true is that there is something bigger behind all this: you are being monitored by spy agencies without having a clue what’s going on. Rather than talk about it, media as general, prefer to talk about Snowden. The press, aware or not, is the tool spy agencies use to transmit their wishes.

I know very little about how spy agencies work in the shadows but in cases like that, I would risk myself to say that the pressure will come over the shoulders of Edward Snowden’s family. The CIA, FBI, NSA and so forth will make all efforts to use Snowden’s parents (mainly) and relatives to convince him to come back to United States. They will use all psychological methods to achieve what they want, such as saying that in Russia his life is at risk; that the he will have a fair judgment in the US; that is better to stay close to his family; that Russian spies could endanger him; that things could be worse to their family if he does not cooperate.

All this is part of the dirty game spy agencies use to achieve their goals. 

Of course Snowden is being followed step by step not only by Russian agents but also by American spies (that are not necessary American). His life has changed forever. If he comes back to United States, probably he will spend at least 30 years in prison or, the worst, he will never be free again. On the other hand, if he’s granted to live in Russia and be a Russian citizen, there’s a high probability of being poisoned by some defector Russian agent at American’s behest. It looks like a utopia and fancy, but I can affirm; it is real and true.

Mr. Obama may also ask his Russian counterpart, Mr. Putin, to easy this entire situation for him and may use his power and influence to show how disappointed he is with his colleague. However, It doesn’t mean too much to Putin. He usually doesn’t care about American threats and will shrug it but for sure will be very attentive if Obama offers something very important or valuable in exchange for Snowden.

While both sides are fighting psychologically one another, Snowden is preparing his next step. Will he remain in Russia or would he go to a South American country? Maybe neither. He is a smart guy and is aware of the tsunami he created. He will study all options and will choose a country where he can live free without fear of being chased to death. And, when things get calm, after years, he may face a trial in the US.