14 Oct 2013

Brazil is frustrating me...

It’s been some time since I last wrote here. 

Despite enjoying writing, I have become increasingly dismayed by my country. I see the High Court of Justice protecting criminal and corrupt politicians, I see that we do not have safety to walk the streets, I see that money laundering is considered almost normal by businessmen and politicians, I see lots of robberies happening on the streets (and the so called Human Rights protecting bandits), etc. That’s to say, all those mentioned cases are some of the reasons that let me upset and unmotivated to write down about Brazil. I would like to write nice things about my country but I cannot do this by looking at the situation I’m surrounded.

Step by step Brazil is getting “red”. The Brazilian government supports Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela and all I can do is to watch it without having strength to change anything. Four thousand Cuban doctors were brought to work in Brazil as an excuse that it will improve Brazilian health but, in fact, it’s a mean that this Brazilian government found to circumvent economic sanctions against that country (fifth per cent of the doctor’s salary will go to Cuban government).

I’m also very concerned about the hazardous foreigners will face during the World Cup. I would like to be totally wrong about that but I’ve the feeling that lots of them will be robbed or will suffer some kind of violence due to criminality. 

And finally, do not see me as being pessimistic; I’m only realistic.
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