17 Nov 2013

Dilma Rousseff and Angela Merkel, both were bugged by the NSA

It’s well known that Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, had its mobile and other data hacked by the National Security Agency and, it’s almost forgotten that Dilma Rousseff, the President of Brazil, was the first leader to bring this issue to light and to accuse formally the US for hacking her data.

However, Dilma hasn't had the same international attention Merkel received in such a matter - and it is very understandable. I will explain:
First, the German Chancellor is a long-time friend of the US; it’s shocking to learn that she has been spied for years by a “friend” country. Differently, Dilma is prone to communism and prefer to keep herself away of the US and make approaches to countries like Iran, Venezuela and other leftist nations. Having this in mind is easy to know why USA has shrugged her off and paid attention only to Angela Merkel complaints. The US has nothing to lose with Dilma but lots of worries in losing an important ally in Europe like the German Chancellor.