30 Dec 2013

Welcome to the Jungle!

Another year is coming to an end and this one was not very good for Brazil... 

Inflation on the rise, criminality out-of-control, exorbitant interest rates, lack of investment in education and public health, transport, etc., not to mention corruption that is a fundamental part of this Government where the few prisoners accused of white collar crimes have all the perks and bonuses in prisons, as if they were guests of hotels. 

The World Cup is approaching and with it, the makeup prepared by Government to show the tourists that here is a paradise. I really want to be wrong about it and I'm rooting for the success of this event in my country, but I'm very afraid that this is will be a great mess. If the Government has no ability (or willingness) to give basic  conditions such as transport, health and security for its own people, let alone to foreigners! 

Among all these worries, what scares me most is the uncontrolled violence that plagues the country (did you know that more than 50,000 people are murdered every year in Brazil? See this link, in Portuguese: http://g1.globo.com/fantastico/noticia/2013/08/numeros-oficiais-de-homicidios-deixam-de-registrar-86-mil-assassinatos-por-ano.html) , apart from 86 thousands homicides per year that are not registered by authorities!

This is the country of the party, Carnival, the beautiful beaches, the beer and the hot women, that is circulated all over the world! However it is not disclosed to you, tourist, that you run the risk of dying for a fistful of dollars. You also may be kidnapped or your wife or daughter may be raped by criminals. 

Yes, this is my country that I love so much and at the same time brings me so much concern and fear! Fear of a violent future, where corruption will reign forever…

It isn't Iraq; it is Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Brazil is a spectacular country, but it's a shame that is ruled by politicians where their only real interest is their own benefits. While they shrug all those problems off, Brazilians kill Brazilians and tourists, whether in robberies or other crimes, at a frightening rate of more assassinations than in Afghanistan and Iraq Wars!

Welcome to the jungle!
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