25 Jan 2014

"Protests" Over a Wing of a Boeing!

I have already written here that I see Brazil like a jungle, for several reasons. People behave wildly, whether in protests without reasons or to show off themselves, apart from lots more situations (in politics, social services, security, etc.).

Yesterday I’ve gotten surprised when I saw an astonishing picture on newspapers, of a group of pseudo humans standing up on a wing of a Boeing 737 from GOL Airlines (flight 1371). 
A band of “protesters” disgusted with the delay of over two hours of a flight which was flying from Cuiabá (MT) bound to Sao Paulo (SP) and that had been diverted to Galeao (RJ) due to meteorological conditions, expressed their feelings of impatience forcing open the emergency door, throwing objects on the tarmac and climbing onto one of the wings!
Pseudo "protesters" showing off their stupid behaviours
According to one of the passengers of this flight, the plane was prevented from landing in Sao Paulo due to heavy rains that was pouring in that airport so they had to go to Galeao, in Rio de Janeiro. However, as they had to stay almost two hours in the airplane - and they were not allowed to get off - they tried to destroy the aircraft as a mean of “protest”.

The air carrier said that they had requested stairs to airport administration to free the passengers from the aircraft but the request was not met by airport authorities, so it was not possible to allow the passengers get off.

So, to sum up... Am I wrong in saying that Brazil is a jungle? There is only one word to describe such behaviours: stupidity! What will happen to those passengers? Of course, nothing! Here is Brazil! If it had happened in a 1st World country, for sure they would be part of a “non fly list” passengers, nonetheless, as it has happened in a jungle where any kind of crime or stupid behaviour is allowed and deemed as “freedom of expression”, they will brag about this “protest” and be considered heroes for some ones.

Welcome to the jungle (again)!
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