25 Mar 2014

Flight MH370 - Malaysia Airlines - Officially Lost...Or Not?

Everybody has been following with attention to the news about flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines, which has vanished from radar – and from the world’s eyes – almost 20 days ago. Today, Malaysian authorities have revealed that the airplane is considered “officially lost” on the waters of the Indian Ocean, even without showing any material proof that led them to come to this conclusion. For them, the result of this belief is based on an analysis of satellite data by a British company specialised in evaluating those data. Of course, they are pundits on this subject, but haven’t exposed any evidences so far.

Then, questions come to the minds of the world on Malaysian authorities and others searchers and rescuers teams:
Are they correct?
Why there’s no concrete proof?
Are they searching a needle in a haystack and as they have no idea where the plane is, so they want to put an end to this searching?

As the authorities did not exhibit any material that matches what they have been saying, it raises more questions than answers and all kinds of conspiracy theories come to life. For example, if the airplane was hijacked, why do perpetrators did not contact anyone to do their demand s? Were the pilots to blame for the missing airplane? Were they terrorists or suicidal? Could this aircraft be somewhere, in other country, and the passengers are alive?

In my point of view, if there’s no evidence that the aircraft has fallen onto the ocean so, there’s no correct answer. It’s quite difficult to the relatives of those on board to accept easily this theory (yes, it is a theory). A British Company affirms that has plenty of satellite data to confirm it, but, even a picture of parts of the plane has not been displayed! Perhaps, on the coming days searchers will bring something to spot. However, for the time being all they did is to raise more assumptions than responses.

Being a pilot, I thought a lot about what could have happened to this Boeing 777. Of course, I have also spaced out about several theories, as lots of people did around the world. My first impression was that the airplane was hijacked and had its route diverted to a country in the Middle East, probably Syria, Libya, Lebanon or Iran to have hostages used as a bargaining counter in the future against Israel or the US. I came to this theory after seeing that two passengers on board were Iranians and both of them were using stolen passports. I’m sorry for the Iranians. Yes, I deeply sorry, but as Iran has an array of accusation for terrorism attacks around the globe, it was the first thing that came to my head.

Other several thoughts crossed my mind; all assumption, naturally. Something like that this airplane could be somewhere in China or that some mechanic or other worker from Malaysia Airlines could be involved in its disappearance. As the ELT did not emit any signal of help, and it is almost unlikely that pilots would disengage this system without a minimum of knowledge, probably, if they have something to do with airplane disappearance, someone have taught them to do so, even unconsciously of the danger it would come ahead.

Apart from those conjectures above, I still think over lots of other possibilities...

Well, but it all are nothing but presumption; my hypothesis and so, it’s useless. Nevertheless, I’m sure that a great number of people around the world thinks alike. While there’s no proof about what has happened to the airplane, in fact, it is considered a mystery.

It still must be solved.

5 Mar 2014

Rachel Sheherazade - A Journalist Under Censorship in Brazil

Rachel Sheherazade, is a beautiful, clever and bold journalist as well as a presenter of the SBT channel, a Brazilian TV, and has been  criticised almost daily by Brazilian politicians and some part of media in reason of her bold comments about corruption that has shamelessly been practised around Brazil since the Lula’s government. She describes with courage and reason what Dilma’s government has been doing “behind the scenes”, such as the manipulation of the STF (Federal Court of Justice) , how the gang of PT (the left wing party of president Dilma Rousseff) manipulates to avoid justice and get more power, how socialism has been set up in Brazil and how dictatorship has been established in this country even without most of Brazilians - and other countries - do not have noticed it.

After getting thousands of followers in his Facebook fan page, now she is under censorship - on Facebook! She had to start another page and had to write some tips to her followers teaching them how to avoid being censored in her page!

Of course, such an attitude from Facebook towards Rachel means that there’s “some” politicians, or party, behind this.

I have already written about censorship in Brazil during this ongoing government (click here to read about it), but to censor a respected journalist who expresses on TV what millions of Brazilians think and cannot speak, is too much for me! We cannot forget that this current Party (PT) also has censored one of the most important newspaper of Latin America, the Brazilian Newspaper “O Estado de São Paulo”, in reason of disclosing an operation where the son of the Senator José Sarney (the godfather of Brazil), the businessman Fernando Sarney, was under investigation due to illicit conduct in his business.

As Rachel Sheherazade says - and she is absolutely right - our country is already under a kind of dictatorship. All PT wants is power as well as to bring to Brazil socialism, and perhaps, communism.

In my point of view, Lula has the same power of persuasion as Hitler. The world think he is fantastic because he knows how to speak, how to use the correct words and how to dissimulate. Lula won several awards around the world, ranging from Universities in Europe to respectful magazines in the US. But, time will come when he and his Party will show to the world (we, part of Brazilians, know that) what he, Dilma and his minions are machinating.

For now, let’s give our support to Rachel Sheherazade.

Visit her page by clicking here.