15 May 2014

Brazilian Anti-World Cup Demonstrations

Demonstrators in Sao Paulo
Demonstrators are protesting against the spending on the football World Cup. It’s been taking place in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Fortaleza and several other cities around the country. In the Northeast of Brazil, the State of Pernambuco, where Recife is the capital, military police are on strike and things are getting really worse. Several shops were looted.
In Sao Paulo and Rio, demonstrators are burning tyres and causing disruption during rush-hour traffic. Activists here have called a day of protests in 50 cities across Brazil.
Those protests will give an idea of the security challenges the government will face during the football tournament, which kicks off on 12 June.

The protesters say they want the government to spend billions of dollars on social projects, transport and housing, instead of the World Cup. So far, the government have spent almost twice the initial cost it said it would spend - an impressive value of 13 billion dollars!! - according to “Matriz de Responsabilidades”, a federal document which list all spending on the World Cup.

One of the most important protests in Sao Paulo took place in the city's Itaquera neighbourhood near the Arena Corinthians Stadium, which will host the tournament's opening match.

The government has been turning a blind eye to all those protests, arguing it was not related to the World Cup. "From what I've seen, these are specific claims by workers. I've seen nothing that is related to the (World) Cup," Brazilian Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo said. As usual, the government always try to play down all demonstrations agains this absurd spending.
"It will NOT have World Cup"

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