26 Jun 2014

The Military Brigade and the Dutch Band Factor 12 - Porto Alegre - Brazil

Today, I will just post a video where the Military Brigade of the state of Porto Alegre, Brazil, plays a song together with the Dutch Band ‘Factor 12’. The played song is “Aquarela do Brasil”. It was AMAZING! 

By the way, the Dutch people in this World Cup have been delighting us with their friendliness and good humour! (I can't wait to visit the Netherlands!).

See the video below:

18 Jun 2014

Brazil - World Cup 2014 - So far, So good

I’m surprised with this World Cup 2014. No..., it is not because the embarrassing result of Spain that was knocked out by Chile or because of the great football of the Netherlands, that are making Brazilians enjoy this team, but it is because everything looks that is going well. Yes, I mean..., regarding security - my main concern I had written in other posts.
No murder, no robberies.
Till now, only casual thefts and some pick-pocketing have been occurring - occurrences that I consider very positive. However, there’s an explanation for this success: in the regions of the games (stadiums, hotels, airports and other strategic places) thousands of police officers are on the streets. I had never seen so many officers patrolling on the streets as I see in these days! They are everywhere: at the corners, in the Underground Stations, near Shopping Malls, on the most visited regions, etc. Of course, it will not last forever, but at least, while the World Cup happens, tourists may have a sensation of security.

As soon as this event finishes, all will go back to its “normality”, unfortunately. But, at least for now, I’m happy that most of tourists may walk around without fear of being killed - for only a pair of trainers or a wallet.

Enjoy the party!

10 Jun 2014

World Cup 2014 - A Message for the Supporters

Only two days to the beginning of the World Cup and the Stadiums are not ready to receive supporters! I hope everything is fine for all people who go to see the matches not only in the stadiums but also everywhere throughout Brazil.

Foreigners will see that Brazilians will do everything they can to make you comfortable. Despite lots of problems I have described in my Blog, I do wish all the best to all of you - Brazilians and aliens. 

I hope it is a time for joy and fun. Hopefully crimes not occur (I mean, at least there’s no murders) and you come out of here with the feeling of satisfaction.

Please do not stack up Brazil against your country. Only have in mind that we have a culture different of yours, but all of us, including you, for sure like respect!

Best wishes.

9 Jun 2014

Strikes Ahead of the World Cup

Just less than three days to the beginning of the World Cup, the workers of Sao Paulo’s underground (metro) keep on strike. But worse than just demand better salaries and working conditions, it is seem as a political move from the opposition parties to the governor of Sao Paulo, Mr. Geraldo Alckmin. However, rather than reaching the governor, the protesters are harming the locals who need this mean of transportation to move around, as the traffic in the city is already a chaos.
The Pinheiros Station overcrowded during the strike
I hope the protesters, at least, respect the foreigners who came here to see the matches. The protesters are prejudicing the “Paulistanos” with their demands and did not obey the justice which determined then to go back to work. But, unfortunately, as it is Brazil, I would not be surprised if the main aim is exactly it: to tarnish the image of the current party that rules Sao Paulo for decades and put the President’s party to rule the state. I cannot expect too much from the federal government that raises the flag of populism as a mean of gaining votes. 

At this juncture, there are two parties struggling behind the scenes of this strike: PT (the President’s left wing party) and the PSDB (the governor’s center-leftist party) and they only have one concern: the coming election. For them, the World Cup is nothing but just a bundle of matches.

I’m sorry for you, tourists.