10 Jun 2014

World Cup 2014 - A Message for the Supporters

Only two days to the beginning of the World Cup and the Stadiums are not ready to receive supporters! I hope everything is fine for all people who go to see the matches not only in the stadiums but also everywhere throughout Brazil.

Foreigners will see that Brazilians will do everything they can to make you comfortable. Despite lots of problems I have described in my Blog, I do wish all the best to all of you - Brazilians and aliens. 

I hope it is a time for joy and fun. Hopefully crimes not occur (I mean, at least there’s no murders) and you come out of here with the feeling of satisfaction.

Please do not stack up Brazil against your country. Only have in mind that we have a culture different of yours, but all of us, including you, for sure like respect!

Best wishes.

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