14 Jul 2014

Germany Were Crowded World Champions - FIFA BRAZIL 2014

The Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup has come to an end. After almost two months of games, we bid farewell to the most important sport’s event on Earth, and, to our relief, almost everything went on smoothly.

If you had read my older posts, you will realise that I had lots of concerns about several problems we, Brazilians, have to undergo on a daily basis and that could affect tourists. My main concern was  related to security of the foreigners. Nevertheless, for the first time in our history, thousands of police officers patrolled the streets and the surroundings of the matches, then my predictions of a great shame we could go through, fell apart (thank God).

But let me comment about the Champion: Germany. For the fourth time, it was crowded World Champions! They beat Argentina in the last minutes of the extra time in the Maracanã Stadium, Rio the Janeiro.

Since the beginning I was prone to root for this great Team. Despite being Brazilian, and willing my country to get this tournament, I was conscious enough to see that we were not going too far. All we had was... Neymar! And, to be able to win such a Championship, we needed more than a player, that’s to say, we needed a Team. Germany has a Team.

More than playing like Champions, they performed worthily inside and out of the field and they were ‘part’ of the Brazilian people. In their stay in the State of Bahia, they donated ten thousand euros to the indigenous people of that region (the indigenous said they will buy an ambulance with this money) besides ‘distributing’ warmth friendliness and smiles wherever they went. After having trounced Brazil 1-7, they posted several respectful  messages to the Brazilian people - when they could have laughed at us!!

During the match, at no time they did trickery dribbles to humiliate our players and for sure they could score even more goals but, I believe, they did do it on purpose, to do not humiliate even more the hosts. They were professionals from the beginning to the end of this Championship!

So, there are more than one reason to like and respect this country!

To see the party, I went to the FIFA FAN FEST in São Paulo (Vale do Anhangabaú), to watch the games as well as to meet people from abroad (yeah, we Brazilians love making friends). In all those games, I could meet several Germans and to my great surprise I had no idea they are so nice (and I also had no idea that German women are so beautiful)! They are fantastic people! In reason of this, I have learnt to love this people and respect even more such a great country!

FIFA FAN FEST 2014 - São Paulo (Vale do Anhangabaú)
I hope our next Brazilian coach, look at the Deutsch Team and get some lessons. Not only how to play football with mastery and technique, but chiefly, how to be respectful, humble, focused, professional, kind-hearted and nice - all at the same time!

Against all odds, we were able to host such a big event without any problem. It was good for us; it was good for me. In reason of the amount of problems we have to face everyday in Brazil, I thought about terrible things could happen during those days. However, I am really happy that absolutely nothing serious has happened and all my predictions did not occur.

Finally, I’m proud of hosting this World Cup. I’m pleased that the tourists have got our warmth welcome. Of course, it was not perfect, and there are that ones who might have experienced bad situations, but in general, It was a terrific experience!

Thank you, guys, from all over the world, who came here to enjoy our country. You will always be welcome here.

Kudos for Germany!    
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