29 Nov 2015

Would it be fair if Syria bombed France?

Just to think about it:

Would be fair if the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad bombed France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, US, among others, if it was said there were terrorist cells operating in those countries, against Syria? 

I'm not pro-Bashar al-Assad but I do not understand why there's always some countries that believe they can do whatever they want in other's countries. Russia is there in response to al-Assad who asked for help to stop rebels, not only ISIS. Whether right or wrong, Russia answered a request from his partner. However, it looks every country want to go to Syria not only to bomb ISIS, but mainly to hinder Russian President Putin.

Despicable world of self-interest!

25 Nov 2015

Russia-Turkey tensions rising

Tension in the Middle East is ratcheting up after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter airplane, with both countries accusing each other of provoking this incident.

Turkey said it has warned Russian pilots 10 times..., in 17 seconds*! This is, of course, is impossible. Even so, Turkey, a NATO member has released a tape where it’s possible to listen to some kind of English language saying ‘something’ like “change your heading south immediately”. Despite it, anyone could record a tape like that anytime, including after the incident. 

As for the Russian side, the rescued co-pilot, Capt. Konstantin Murakhtin told state media reporters that “there were no warnings – neither via radio nor visually.”  He also said he knew the region he had been flying in "very well" and that the jet had not been in Turkish airspace "even for a second".

While both countries blame one another, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu said that Russia is going to deploy S-400 defence missile systems to its Hmeymim air base near Latakia, on Syria's Mediterranean coast.  The missiles have a range of 250 kilometers (155 miles), and the Turkish border is less than 30 miles away! That’s to say, Russia is preparing to go further in Turkey in case another “incident” occur.

What really took my attention in all this, were the words of the Turkish President Recp Tayyip Erdogan:
"There is no Daesh (ISIS)" - in the area where the Russian planes were flying. "Do not deceive us! We know the locations of Daesh."

If he “knows the locations of Daesh” as he has said, then is it true that Turkey and its NATO members are arming those rebels?

The world is on the brink of a real war!

*Today, on TV, Mr. Erdogand changed this time to 5 minutes.

19 Nov 2015

The power of Press in manipulating people's mind

Almost a week since the terrorist attacks in Paris happened and all the press around the world do, is to keep talking about it. It’s something like there’s nothing happening in the globe, but the attacks on French soil. 

It demonstrates, once again, the force of the press and media alike. They have the power to brainwash people’s mind as they have been doing now. To give you an example,  a terrorist attack also took place in Nigeria this week, but almost there’s nothing about it. In Israel, Palestinians are stabbing Israelis, but again, nothing published. In Brazil, a week ago, the Mariana Town, in the State of Minas Gerais has vanished covered with mud after a dam owned by “Vale do Rio Doce” and BHP Billiton ,burst - and also the world did not know it (see below some images of the tragedy in Brazil).

So, why all this fuss about Paris attacks?

It’s simple. It’s Paris.

Nobody cares what’s going on in other parts of the world, unless it happens in Europe or US. The rest of the world, is just this: the rest.

Below, pictures of the disaster in Brazil, in Mariana, a Bento Rodrigues District, where lives where also lost, but it's almost not noticed by press around the world.

18 Nov 2015

French raids on Syria

Just to remember...

When Russia started dropping bombs on rebels in Syria, the most powerful leaders in the world blamed on Putin for doing so. Then, the ISIS went on Paris and killed several civilians and,  it's was enough to the same leaders change idea and believe that to bomb rebels in Syria is a good idea!

Now, tell me:
As the media around the world have been informing, the French raids in Syria have been hitting a lot of ISIS' "strongholds". Then, I have a question: Did the French military and/or intelligence services know where the ISIS fighters are? Have they just had a support from Russia to know where they are? 
I ask it, because, suddenly, France went 'straight' to ISIS! If they did know something about their whereabouts in Syria, they are showing up it only now..., unless they are aleatory bombing Syria just to show to the French people some kind of reaction, after the failure of not protecting France as it should have done.

It's up to you, think about it.

16 Nov 2015

A Syrian terrorist in Paris?

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, it was said that pieces of Syrian passports were found near the places where the carnage happened. I'm just thinking about that... Would the terrorists really get out to commit a suicide attack, carrying on their passports? It doesn't make any sense for me! It looks like - if they really did it - they just used these passports as a cover for their real origin and so, to outwit Secret Services.

14 Nov 2015

Paris attacks, again

France, again, is emerging from one of its worst security crises in decades after the attacks by
gunmen in early January on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Now, to be more precise, yesterday, on 13rd November 2015, terrorists attacked in several places around the capital Paris, where more than 120 people have lost their lives. In both cases, Islamic perpetrators are involved.

These attacks made me think about the French Security Services, the DGSI, which is the brand responsible for the surveillance of threats on French territory... Where was it when all this terrible attacks took place? Wasn’t it aware of anything about this? 

Traditionally, the DGSI, DGSE, ANSSI, etc., work together with the best intelligence services in the world, such as the Israeli Mossad, the Chinese CSIS, the British MI6 and the American CIA. What makes me feel confuse is the fact that none of them could alert its French counterpart on this subject! Or, was it advised and did not take any measures to cope with?

Perhaps, terrorists are being more cautious and are avoiding being caught red handed, that’s to say, speaking on a mobile phone, or reuniting in places where they know they could be spied upon. But, if so, the intelligence services must change their way of spying on suspects. In this case, the best solution is the one largely used by Mossad: to put spies on the ground and rely on them, rather than only observe what suspects are doing through electronic gadgets and satellites.

The entire world has watched for years what’s going on in Syria and none did anything to stop it. The idea is “Bashar al-Assad must leave immediately, so let’s wait and see what’s going to happen to Syria”. Then, the al-Qeda weakened, the FSA has come to light as a force to overthrow Assad, and ISIS slowly advanced to be the master of the conflict! Today Syria is more dangerous than when Assad “was” actually in power. 

ISIS became the world’s most dangerous enemy, thanks to the inertia of the world to take some action in that country. Everyone thought that the civil war was just that: a Syrian civil war. Nobody thought in the consequences it could bring to the world, and mainly to Europe. The massive wave of refugees in Europe is an answer to that inertia.

Russia, in October, started supporting Syria on fighting Daesh’s and so the “allies” came to the spot to condemn Russia (then, the only real force which was on the ground fighting on ISIL was the brave Kurds, with nothing but small weapons). Perhaps, more prone to hamper Russia than to defeat ISIS, the US and other countries started bombing Daesh’s, so did France. That’s OK. If all of them have the same foe, then it’s better to fight it together. However, ISIS now is a strong force! After more than four years in fierce battle in Iraq and Syria, they acquired valuable spoils of war, most of them from Iraq – that’s to say, US tanks, machine guns, pieces of artillery, etc – which make the terrorists confident they can surpass everyone in name of “Allah”.

Having that in mind, terrorists spread all over Europe, are ready to blow themselves up in name of Allah, as they did in France yesterday, apart from the shootings. But, why did they choose France again? France is bombing ISIS positions in Syria as Germany is supporting the Kurds in Iraq/Syria and Russia is spreading out the hell on Daesh’s in Syria. These countries are fighting the same enemy! Maybe the best answer so far, is that France has the largest Muslim community in Europe and the attacks come from..., radicalised Muslims! 

Then, I go back to the second paragraph of this text...
What’s the French intelligence Service doing to put an end to this? It’s time to show to the French people that it is capable to cope with it before things happen. It should work closely with Mossad - in my point of view the best agency to go further in the world of Muslim radicals.

To the French people, I leave you a message: “Ne jamais abandoner.” My heart and prays are with all  of you.

7 Oct 2015

Violence in Brazil

OK. I always write about the endless violence that's spread out all over this country. I'm serious about that; I'm not exaggerating. I won't post here videos of this subject on my Blog, but if you really want to see what's it like living in Brazil, search on Google the following Brazilian words:

- assalto
- tentativa de assalto
- policial reage
- roubo banco
- roubo loterica
- ladrao de motos
- tiroteio
- perseguicao policial
- ladrao e vitima
- sequestro
- bandido se da mal
- assassinato

I'm not going to put down here an enormous list, but "only" those words you'll see what is the real Brazil, the government hides from the foreigners.
Think twice before coming here, or be aware that it may be happen to you as well, unfortunately.

The violence is here; we don't need Hollywood films (I'm being sarcastic).

30 Sep 2015

Almost 16000 people die per year in Brazil

In the Brazilian capitals, 43 people die every day victims of violence, according to the 9th Brazilian Directorate of Public Security. The survey prepared by the Brazilian Forum on Public Security and released today, shows that in 2014, crimes such as murder and robbery and victimised 15.932 people in 27 cities. The figure is slightly higher (0.8%) than the 15.804 recorded in 2013. It means that Brazil e far more dangerous than Iraq, for example, a region devastated for wars.

The city o Fortaleza, in the Northeast region and the 5th largest city in Brazil, had the highest number
Part of an arsenal the Federal Police apprehended from a gang
specialized in bank robbery, in Bahia
of murders in 2014 with 1.989 cases (but yet, down 1% compared to 2013), when the number reached 1.993 deaths. The city also recorded the highest rate of unintentional deaths per 100.000 inhabitants: 73.3.
Salvador is the second capital in absolute terms. There were 1.397 deaths, which means a rate of 48.1 murders per 100,000 inhabitants. In 2013, the city had 1.485 crimes and rate of 51.5 per 100.000 inhabitants.

Although São Paulo has the third largest absolute value of deaths (1.360), São Paulo has the lowest crime rate: 11.4 per 100.000 inhabitants. This low rate, in comparison to the other cities, is because the state has more than 11 million inhabitants – the largest in Brazil.  The number represents a drop of 4.3% in the murder rate in relation to 2013, when 1.412 deaths were recorded, 11.9 per 100.000 inhabitants, representing 1.389 murders in absolute numbers. In Rio de Janeiro, the rate was an astonishing number of 20.2 per 100.000 inhabitants, with 1.305 intentional violent murders in 2014.

The second highest murder rate was recorded in Maceió (69.5 per 100.000). The number is, however, a decrease of 14.5% in 2013 (81.4 for 100 thousand). In absolute numbers, 699 murders were recorded in 2014 and 811 in 2013. The city of São Luiz presented a very similar crime rate, 69.1 per 100.000 in 2014 and 61.2 per 100.000 in 2013. In absolute numbers , there were 645 murders in 2014. The previous year, the capital of Maranhão had 735 unintentional deaths.

The biggest growth in the murder rate was observed in Campo Grande, in the State of Mato Grosso, changing from 13.8 in 2013 to 18.9 per 100.000 inhabitants in 2014. In absolute numbers, there were 159 cases in 2014 and 115 deaths the previous year. The largest reduction was in Boa Vista, where the rate fell from 23.3 to 17.5 per 100.000. In 2014, there were 55 deaths, while in 2013 were 72 cases.

The robber AKA "The Monster" is one of the most dangerous
bank robbers in Brazil. Nowadays he is serving time in jail,
at least, for the time being.
All those terrible numbers shows that Brazil is one of the most dangerous countries in the world not only for tourists but mainly to the citizens themselves. There always a risk of being slaughtered somewhere in Brazil whether in a robbery, in a fight, etc., which makes this country more dangerous than Iraq and Afghanistan. It should be noted that Brazil will host the Olympic Games next year in Rio de Janeiro. The question is:

How the Brazilian Government will protect foreigners who will come to Brazil, if the government is not able to protect their own citizens?

PS.: Thieves, murders, robbers, etc, by Brazilian law, are under protection of the Human Rights Watchdog.

5 Sep 2015

ISIS - the Islamic State has reached Brazil

"The text below, I have extracted and translated to English, from the "ÉPOCA" Magazine. The link to the Portuguese version of this, is on the end of the text. I did not translate everything to English, as my English isn't that so good but I made an effort to translate the main topics as well as to do not make too many mistakes. I think it's worth it to read this excellent report. It's about the Islamic State and its steps in Brazil."

The house alarm rang just after 6 am, in a typical street of Pari neighbourhood, in São Paulo. It was the last Friday of August. The Military Police soon arrived at the scene, trying to avoid what thought it was a robbery. They found armed Federal Police officers (PF), using sledgehammer to break the 14 locks that locked the house's iron gate. It was the only house in the street with electric fence. Compared to the others, it looked like a bunker, surrounded by a dozen of security cameras. The operation had been authorised by the Federal Court in order to investigate a suspicious group of illegally move more than R$ 50 million (US$15million) in five years. The "ÉPOCA" Magazine found out that the investigated persons form a cell specialized in money laundering, suspected of supporting terrorism. Its members advocate mass executions, the death of US President Barack Obama and supports the Islamic State, nowadays the most dangerous terrorist organisation.

The "Mendaz Operation" as it was named, was planned with discretion. Mentioned only the rout a network of companies which emitted false documents and that send money out of the country without identifying the recipient. Conducted by the Intelligence Directorate of the Federal Police, the action was accompanied by the US Embassy, ​​the section led by Steve Moore, FBI agent. On the morning of that Friday, the Israeli Embassy also received the report of the PF on the action. There is a concerted effort to trace the connections of this group abroad. It is the first time a PF operation finds a structured group of terror supporters in Brazil.

Firas Allameddin
On top of laundering scheme is the Lebanese Firas Allameddin. In 2009, Allameddin tried to be recognised as a refugee in Brazil. This could prevent him of being expelled or extradited from Brazil. The request was rejected. According to investigations, the Allameddin group used shell companies and fake names to send values ​​to Lebanon. The money comes from, suspected PF, embezzlement, fraudulent cheques and loans. "They use false information to obtain documents that would provide the creation of individuals and 'ghosts' entities in order to promote the opening of accounts, cards, perform foreign exchange, remittance of cash to ​​abroad, in violation of Brazilian law.
Allameddin and its partners had adopted various expedients and shared tasks in sending money to Lebanon. Allameddin used three CPFs (Brazilian social security number). His brother Fadi created false identities, with a fondness for "Felipe". Another brother, Toufic, paid credit cards with values ​​above the invoice amount so that the surplus could be drawn in Lebanon. They also used shell companies to avoid being on the spot. A clandestine exchange office transferred money to a broker, who remitted the amount to abroad. The tactic was used to made it difficult to trace.

The Lebanese and others investigated in the "Mendaz Operation", published on the Internet, images in favour of the Islamic State (ISIS) with videos with the announcement of the advent of the caliphate. Allameddin disclosed on the Internet images of executions by ISIS. "Die of envy! The Islamic state will stay forever and will spread out all over the world,"said one of the texts published by a Allameddin's brother. Charred bodies are on the Facebook profile of another Allameddin partner who is also under investigation. 

Hesham Eltrabily
The MO started after PF investigated the Egyptian Hesham Eltrabily who was involved in money laundering. Living in Brazil at least since 2002, Eltrabily lives a quiet life as a trader in Sao Paulo. He was also a trading partner of Allameddin in a shop store called "Nuclear Jeans". Nowadays the site is closed. For the government of Egypt, Eltrabily is a terrorist, accused of participating in an attack that killed 62 people in 1997. Egypt requested his extradition and justified: "The defendant led and joined an illegal group. This group used terrorism to achieve their goals, murdering security men and public figures, bombing and destroying institutions." The Brazilian Supreme Court denied the request in 2003. The judges wanted better description of the crimes he was accused of committing.

The PF now anylises the seized material to try to find out with whom the group communicated in Lebanon and who are their terror supporters in Brazil and abroad. Eltrabily, who lived in the bunker in Pari neighbourhood, had at home ten mobile phones at the time the PF arrived.

The investigations follow the trail of financial crimes and falsification of documents - even if to the PF the suspicions are much more dangerous them it seems. In Brazil, terrorism or supporting it, is not considered crime, let alone an just an apology. If the Congress aproves a law that for some years are in the Senator's hands for appreciation, terrorist attacks and apology to this kind of crime could be punished with 12 to 30 years in prison. By the Brazilian general law, all who were sentenced to more than eight years in prison for any crime, is mandatory to serve its penalty in a maximum security prison.

Only a year from the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the government is awaiting a resolution of the Congress to make the law, and determine what is "a terrorist attack, what sets it up to support terrorist activities and what it means". This discussion about what is considered terrorism, however, comes up against a misplaced controversy: the fear that social movements could be deemed as terrorism. Meanwhile, the crime of terrorism in Brazil, is a legal limbo, and they take advantage of it to spread their hatred around the world.

To access the entire report, in Portuguese, click here.

2 Sep 2015

Brazil enters technical recession

The Brazilian economy has entered in a technical recession. The main cause for that, are the several
President Dilma Rousseff
scandals of corruption where billions of dollars were embezzled by politicians as well as the top construction bosses of the country, who used their power and friendship to steal money from the Brazilians public safes.

The last scandal in the current government, the Petrobras scandal, has rocked Brazil's leftist governing Workers' Party (PT), with top politicians accused of taking bribes. Among them, close friends to the President Dilma Rousseff, like José Dirceu, an ex-Minister and a key figure in the Party, who has been arrested again (he had been arrested in an another scandal - “Mensalão” - just two years ago). Investigators also signaled they intend to investigate Dilma Roussef for manipulating fiscal accounts and other sorts of mismanagement during her ongoing government. 

As the last scandal hit directly Petrobras and the financial market, the country started sinking into a recession. Apart from that, came the Chinese crisis that forced Brazil to go deep down in this sea of financial problems.

The population is getting angry with all those problems and opposition parties are trying to oust her due to her inability of managing the country. Impeachment is the most probable option but it will not be a easy mean, since she still has lots of sympathisers who believe all those scandals “were created by the media, including the international ones” to see a legitimate government being overthrown by the opposition only because they do not want to see Brazil as a Communist force.

While Brazil is getting each day more divided, with treats from the leftists “to go to the streets holding arms and kill for the President”, the country is financially vanishing from the rest of the world. 

The solution? Dilma Rousseff and her Worker’s Party should leave the power, after all, all those scandals and problems the country has been enduring, is due to their inability of administrating a country, as well as their "great ability" of taking bribes and embezzlement.

27 Aug 2015

US-Cuba and President Putin

Cuba, an isolated country since 1960, when then, the american President John F. Kennedy imposed an embargo due to missile crisis (Cuba had been accused of receiving nuclear weapons from the Soviet Union), is now restoring ties with the USA. In more than 50 years of blockade it just made Cubans poorer, but the country remains socialist under the leadership of Fidel Castro’s brother, Raul Castro.

However..., why is the American government wishing to restore relations with this communist country if successive US administrations have maintained a policy of economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation of this Island? Perhaps, the most plausible answer is the politics President Vladimir Putin has been maintaining in Russia, with reflex in several parts of the world.

The russian President, an ex-KGB officer, still has his ‘KGB mentality’ of being attacked for some neighbour countries and also has the idea of annexing some of those countries to the Russia Federation. Apart from it, he also sees some powerful countries in the world - mainly the United States - as a ‘personal’ threat. 

Then, Cuba comes to the spot.

For decades, this country had good relationships with the Soviets and Russia, as well as several Socialists governments around the globe and..., Cuba is in the ‘backyard’ of the US! That’s to say, as the President Putin has been demonstrating his ideas are going back to the old era of the Cold War, if the US maintains the blockade to the Island, for sure, Mr. Putin will take advantage of this to anchor Russian warships in the Island, and it would be awful to the US, like another kind of ‘missile crisis’.

Thinking on this, the American President Barack Obama almost had no objection from the Congress, to resume relationship with the Communist country. It’s also a great opportunity to him, to put in Cuban soil more CIA agents and then, observe closely what the FSB agents have been doing so far.

In the other hand, Mr. Putin will suffer the impact of the Cuba-US agreement, as the Communist Island had been for decades, the most important partner of Russia in Central America (or, perhaps, in the Americas). Of course, he still can count on Venezuela, but he lost the opportunity of staying close to the US.

Now, with the Cuba-US relationship resumed, the US will gain ground. It will not only take advantage of counterspies activities in the shadow world of Russia but also will bring along all capitalist American companies to the Island.

That’s one of the most important relationship with Cuba - and not because the blockade did not work for decades. 

Good bye Russia; now Cuba is American.

18 Aug 2015

Dilma Rousseff remains unshakeable in power

A demonstrator holds a placard saying "Impeachment now!"
After the protests that took place in all over Brazil, the government of President Dilma Rousseff said that it sees these demonstrations as “something normal; it’s part of the democratic process”. The protests took to the streets 205 cities along the country plus the Federal District, more than one million people - despite Brazilian media saying that “only thousands went to the streets” to show their disapproval towards the corrupt government. 

It also has showed us how the main Brazilian media is manipulated by the government and so, it has generated angry protests throughout social network.

As for the leftist government - from PT (Workers Party) - it’s difficult to believe that they will win any other important election, as it’s been the most corrupt government so far. But, as the chiefs of the PT party know that Brazilian people forget quickly what happened in the past, so they will take advantage of this to reach their next goals.

President Dilma did not show she is worried about all these demonstrations around the country, but for sure, she knows that her party will never win any election to the presidency for any time soon.

15 Aug 2015

Will the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff occur?

Today, on the 16th August 2015, President Dilma Rousseff and her sponsor, the ex-President Lula da
President Dilma
Silva, will have to endure an exhaustive and tense outcry from protesters all over Brazil, pushing for her impeachment.

Nourished by anger over a spate of corruption scandals that have been ravaging the country in recent years - most of them brought to the spot during the actual ruling leftist party (PT - Workers Part) - demonstrators will chant “Out with Dilma” as well as “Out with PT”, her party, which several and important members - and President’s friends - are involved. 

Perhaps, the biggest scandal in the Brazilian contemporary history is the multimillion-dollar kickback scheme at the state-run oil company Petrobras where lots of politicians and the main administrators of the biggest construction companies have some links with. As for the investigators and the public prosecutor, most of all accused by Justice, have some association with PT.

Most of the politicians accused in the investigation belong to Rousseff's Workers Party and its allies and so, the protesters promise to take to the streets to chant how indignant they are with all this. Apart from it, Brazil has been sinking in a deep recession, but according to Dilma, all this situation is reflex of the old administration of his rival, ex-President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, who ruled the country from 1995 to 2003. These comments also infuriated even more all the protesters, because she doesn’t mention that from 2004 to the date, it’s PT that has been governing Brazil.  

In my point of view PT has no condition of ruling a country which is going straight to face a fierce financial crisis. All speeches from Lula and Dilma do not match up with the actual scenario. Or both of them pretend are blind or they pretend that people are fool and, I believe, it’s in that latter they are betting they will get out of this demonstration tomorrow without any harm.

Let’s wait and see what will happen to Brazil.

19 Jan 2015

Brazilians on the Death Row

Indonesia has just executed drug trafficker Marco Archer, ignoring a plea for clemency from Brazil’s
Mr. Archer, executed in Indonesia
President Dilma Rousseff and prompting and outcry among Dilma’s close friends, although it seems that most of Brazilians do agree with the punishment of the convicted drug dealer.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo refused Dilma’s personal appeal by telephone to spare Archer and Rodrigo Gularte, another Brazilian who is in the death row waiting for his time to be punished.

Dilma received confirmation that Marco Archer was killed soon after midnight (Jakarta time) on 18th  Jan,  and Brazil’s presidency said in a statement that the decision to execute Archer “gravely affects relations” between the two countries. Nonetheless, trade between those countries reached $4.04 billion last year, less than 1% of the total $454 billion of Brazil’s foreign trade, according to data by Brazil’s Trade Ministry. Despite her “dissatisfaction”, there´s nothing ‘real’ Brazil might do to ‘penalise’ Indonesia.

“Wars against drug mafia can’t be half-hearted, because drugs have ruined the lives of both the users and family of the users,” said Mr. Widodo, on his Facebook page yesterday. “The state must be present and directly fight against drugs syndicates.”

In spite of Dilma’s objection, Indonesia has accomplished its law. There’s no pardon to drug smugglers and the law is really severe for whom is caught trying to enter with drugs into the country. 

What causes discomfort to Brazilians is to know that President Dilma Rousseff tried to avoid a death penalty to a convicted criminal, in a foreign country, whilst she doesn’t say a word when police officers get killed in combat with this kind of criminal on the streets of her own country. 

In Brazil, a police officer is killed every 32 hours, reveals a survey made by “Folha de Sao Paulo” newspaper. Official data show that at least 229 police officers have been killed in 2012 (in 2013 those number got even worst) and even with this alarming number, Dilma has never drawn a speech to the Brazilians to comment on this issue. It’s ironic to learn that several of those assassinated officers have been killed by this kind of drug dealer that she tried to protect. 

Being a Brazilian who suffers with this endless violence that is ravaging this country for years, in my point of view, Indonesia has done what it thought it should have done.  The Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff once again expressed herself only to protect bandit as she is used to doing in Brazil. However, rather than protecting convicted criminals, she could protect this country who is doomed to be destroyed by drug trafficking and all sorts of crimes. 

Unfortunately, Marco Archer chose the wrong way to get money and so, paid with his life. However, Indonesian Legal System must be respected.

18 Jan 2015

Charlie Hebdo, France and Pakistan

The Extremist Attack

On 7th January, all the world watched astonished on TV a black Citroen C3 driving up to Charlie Hebdo building, stopping out there while two masked gunmen, dressed in black and armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles got out and entered into the Charlie’s building. Several shots were fired in and soon after, it’s possible to see these two men also  opening fire to a police car and, brutally executing a police officer on the sidewalk.

Witnesses said they had heard the gunmen shouting "We have avenged the Prophet Muhammad" and "God is Great" in Arabic, that’s to say, it was easy to learn that they were Muslims.

Rapidly, the French police released pictures of two suspects, the Kouachi brothers, and started an unprecedented manhunt across the country. Soon after, the brothers were surrounded in the outskirts of Paris. In this meantime, a policewoman was shot dead, in Montrouge. As for the police, this attack had connection with the first one.

As if it was not enough, another gunman took several people hostage at a kosher supermarket at Porte de Vincennes in the east of Paris. Police also quickly surrounded the building, and once again, all the attacks were linked one another.

The outcome of all those three events is well known: 12 killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack, several hostages killed at the kosher supermarket and all three extremists got killed by the police.

Why has it happened? Who’s Charlie Hebdo?

Charlie Hebso is satirical newspaper featuring cartoons, reports, polemics, and jokes. The publication describes itself as “strongly anti-racist, anti-religious, and left-wing.

According to its former editor Stéphane Charbonnier, who was among the dead at the Charlie building, the magazine's editorial viewpoint reflects "all components of left wing pluralism, and even abstainers".

On 2nd November 2011, the newspaper's office was fire-bombed and its website was hacked. The attacks were presumed to be linked to its decision to rename a special edition "Charia Hebdo", with Muhammad listed as the "editor-in-chief".

Muhammad, the Prophet

It’s well known around the world that Muslims worship Muhammad. He is something like a “Saint” for them; also, it is not allowed to publish any drawing or picture of him, as they deem Muhammad as a sacred figure. Even so, Charlie’s cartoonists did not care about it  and, in name of the “freedom of speech”, they kept publishing ‘disrespectful’ cartoons of the Muslims’ prophet.

All Eyes on France

The extremist attack on French soil immediately brought up attention of the world to this country. Less than 20 people - unfortunately - had died, but sensationalism had already been spread out from all corners of the Earth. Some called “the 9/11 of France”, “France is under attack”, “the Symbol of Freedom has been hit”, etc.
Less than a week of those sad events, a march took place on the streets of Paris and millions of people came to the streets holding placards where one could read “JE SUIS CHARLIE” (I am Charlie). 

It was very emotional.

Pakistan x France

On 16th December 2014, less than a month of the coward attack on Chalie Hebdo building, the Taliban assaulted on a crowded school in Peshawar, Pakistan, killing 145 people — 132 of them uniformed schoolchildren. 

During an eight-hour rampage at the Army Public School and Degree College, a team of nine gunmen stormed through the corridors and assembly hall, firing at random and throwing grenades. Some of the students at the school were lined up and slaughtered with shots to the head. Others were gunned down as they cowered under their desks, or forced to watch as their teachers were riddled with bullets.

The school turned into a battleground when commandos from the army’s elite Special Services Group moved in. As the battle for control spread across the school, cornered Taliban detonated their suicide vests, killing several children.

The children had not drawn any picture of Muhammad, the Prophet; they had not provoked other’s religions; they were only studying - and it's a sin for the Taliban. Nevertheless, nobody went to the streets chanting words to support Pakistani people. After all, it had happened in Pakistan where violence is part of a daily basis... 132 children? It’s ok. It’s in Pakistan, not France. 

What I’m trying to say is how the media is well used to influence what we think.

In both situations, civilians have paid with their lives in reason of the ignorance and radicalism of extremists who kill in name of Allah. In France, about 20 adults lost their lives; in Pakistan 132 children had the same fate, apart from the adults. So, why the media did not give the same attention to the events at Peshawar School? Well..., nobody goes to Pakistan. It’s a sad reality. As for France, besides being a touristic place, there’s no Taliban in there.

Freedom of Speech x Respect

After the events in France, an issue was came to my mind: Has Charlie Hebdo the right of ‘attacking’ other people with pens and pencils? Who is radical: the extremists carrying their guns or the cartoonists drawing their pics? It looks no one will stop ‘attacking’ each other, then I consider both radicals.

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean writing or saying what ones want. To everything we do here on Earth, there’s always a consequence. If somebody provoke me on the streets, it’s almost certain I will retaliate (unless the defiant is bigger than me). 

Charlie Hebdo exacerbated the use of freedom of speech and paid a high price for this. It looks like it will not stop provoking Muslims as well as it looks like terrorist attacks will not end on French soil.

It’s a shame. 
Civilians may pay with their lives for the radicalism of cartoonists and radicalism of extremists.

All of them are wrong, but they think on the contrary.