19 Jan 2015

Brazilians on the Death Row

Indonesia has just executed drug trafficker Marco Archer, ignoring a plea for clemency from Brazil’s
Mr. Archer, executed in Indonesia
President Dilma Rousseff and prompting and outcry among Dilma’s close friends, although it seems that most of Brazilians do agree with the punishment of the convicted drug dealer.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo refused Dilma’s personal appeal by telephone to spare Archer and Rodrigo Gularte, another Brazilian who is in the death row waiting for his time to be punished.

Dilma received confirmation that Marco Archer was killed soon after midnight (Jakarta time) on 18th  Jan,  and Brazil’s presidency said in a statement that the decision to execute Archer “gravely affects relations” between the two countries. Nonetheless, trade between those countries reached $4.04 billion last year, less than 1% of the total $454 billion of Brazil’s foreign trade, according to data by Brazil’s Trade Ministry. Despite her “dissatisfaction”, there´s nothing ‘real’ Brazil might do to ‘penalise’ Indonesia.

“Wars against drug mafia can’t be half-hearted, because drugs have ruined the lives of both the users and family of the users,” said Mr. Widodo, on his Facebook page yesterday. “The state must be present and directly fight against drugs syndicates.”

In spite of Dilma’s objection, Indonesia has accomplished its law. There’s no pardon to drug smugglers and the law is really severe for whom is caught trying to enter with drugs into the country. 

What causes discomfort to Brazilians is to know that President Dilma Rousseff tried to avoid a death penalty to a convicted criminal, in a foreign country, whilst she doesn’t say a word when police officers get killed in combat with this kind of criminal on the streets of her own country. 

In Brazil, a police officer is killed every 32 hours, reveals a survey made by “Folha de Sao Paulo” newspaper. Official data show that at least 229 police officers have been killed in 2012 (in 2013 those number got even worst) and even with this alarming number, Dilma has never drawn a speech to the Brazilians to comment on this issue. It’s ironic to learn that several of those assassinated officers have been killed by this kind of drug dealer that she tried to protect. 

Being a Brazilian who suffers with this endless violence that is ravaging this country for years, in my point of view, Indonesia has done what it thought it should have done.  The Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff once again expressed herself only to protect bandit as she is used to doing in Brazil. However, rather than protecting convicted criminals, she could protect this country who is doomed to be destroyed by drug trafficking and all sorts of crimes. 

Unfortunately, Marco Archer chose the wrong way to get money and so, paid with his life. However, Indonesian Legal System must be respected.
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