18 Aug 2015

Dilma Rousseff remains unshakeable in power

A demonstrator holds a placard saying "Impeachment now!"
After the protests that took place in all over Brazil, the government of President Dilma Rousseff said that it sees these demonstrations as “something normal; it’s part of the democratic process”. The protests took to the streets 205 cities along the country plus the Federal District, more than one million people - despite Brazilian media saying that “only thousands went to the streets” to show their disapproval towards the corrupt government. 

It also has showed us how the main Brazilian media is manipulated by the government and so, it has generated angry protests throughout social network.

As for the leftist government - from PT (Workers Party) - it’s difficult to believe that they will win any other important election, as it’s been the most corrupt government so far. But, as the chiefs of the PT party know that Brazilian people forget quickly what happened in the past, so they will take advantage of this to reach their next goals.

President Dilma did not show she is worried about all these demonstrations around the country, but for sure, she knows that her party will never win any election to the presidency for any time soon.
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