27 Aug 2015

US-Cuba and President Putin

Cuba, an isolated country since 1960, when then, the american President John F. Kennedy imposed an embargo due to missile crisis (Cuba had been accused of receiving nuclear weapons from the Soviet Union), is now restoring ties with the USA. In more than 50 years of blockade it just made Cubans poorer, but the country remains socialist under the leadership of Fidel Castro’s brother, Raul Castro.

However..., why is the American government wishing to restore relations with this communist country if successive US administrations have maintained a policy of economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation of this Island? Perhaps, the most plausible answer is the politics President Vladimir Putin has been maintaining in Russia, with reflex in several parts of the world.

The russian President, an ex-KGB officer, still has his ‘KGB mentality’ of being attacked for some neighbour countries and also has the idea of annexing some of those countries to the Russia Federation. Apart from it, he also sees some powerful countries in the world - mainly the United States - as a ‘personal’ threat. 

Then, Cuba comes to the spot.

For decades, this country had good relationships with the Soviets and Russia, as well as several Socialists governments around the globe and..., Cuba is in the ‘backyard’ of the US! That’s to say, as the President Putin has been demonstrating his ideas are going back to the old era of the Cold War, if the US maintains the blockade to the Island, for sure, Mr. Putin will take advantage of this to anchor Russian warships in the Island, and it would be awful to the US, like another kind of ‘missile crisis’.

Thinking on this, the American President Barack Obama almost had no objection from the Congress, to resume relationship with the Communist country. It’s also a great opportunity to him, to put in Cuban soil more CIA agents and then, observe closely what the FSB agents have been doing so far.

In the other hand, Mr. Putin will suffer the impact of the Cuba-US agreement, as the Communist Island had been for decades, the most important partner of Russia in Central America (or, perhaps, in the Americas). Of course, he still can count on Venezuela, but he lost the opportunity of staying close to the US.

Now, with the Cuba-US relationship resumed, the US will gain ground. It will not only take advantage of counterspies activities in the shadow world of Russia but also will bring along all capitalist American companies to the Island.

That’s one of the most important relationship with Cuba - and not because the blockade did not work for decades. 

Good bye Russia; now Cuba is American.

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