2 Sep 2015

Brazil enters technical recession

The Brazilian economy has entered in a technical recession. The main cause for that, are the several
President Dilma Rousseff
scandals of corruption where billions of dollars were embezzled by politicians as well as the top construction bosses of the country, who used their power and friendship to steal money from the Brazilians public safes.

The last scandal in the current government, the Petrobras scandal, has rocked Brazil's leftist governing Workers' Party (PT), with top politicians accused of taking bribes. Among them, close friends to the President Dilma Rousseff, like José Dirceu, an ex-Minister and a key figure in the Party, who has been arrested again (he had been arrested in an another scandal - “Mensalão” - just two years ago). Investigators also signaled they intend to investigate Dilma Roussef for manipulating fiscal accounts and other sorts of mismanagement during her ongoing government. 

As the last scandal hit directly Petrobras and the financial market, the country started sinking into a recession. Apart from that, came the Chinese crisis that forced Brazil to go deep down in this sea of financial problems.

The population is getting angry with all those problems and opposition parties are trying to oust her due to her inability of managing the country. Impeachment is the most probable option but it will not be a easy mean, since she still has lots of sympathisers who believe all those scandals “were created by the media, including the international ones” to see a legitimate government being overthrown by the opposition only because they do not want to see Brazil as a Communist force.

While Brazil is getting each day more divided, with treats from the leftists “to go to the streets holding arms and kill for the President”, the country is financially vanishing from the rest of the world. 

The solution? Dilma Rousseff and her Worker’s Party should leave the power, after all, all those scandals and problems the country has been enduring, is due to their inability of administrating a country, as well as their "great ability" of taking bribes and embezzlement.
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