7 Oct 2015

Violence in Brazil

OK. I always write about the endless violence that's spread out all over this country. I'm serious about that; I'm not exaggerating. I won't post here videos of this subject on my Blog, but if you really want to see what's it like living in Brazil, search on Google the following Brazilian words:

- assalto
- tentativa de assalto
- policial reage
- roubo banco
- roubo loterica
- ladrao de motos
- tiroteio
- perseguicao policial
- ladrao e vitima
- sequestro
- bandido se da mal
- assassinato

I'm not going to put down here an enormous list, but "only" those words you'll see what is the real Brazil, the government hides from the foreigners.
Think twice before coming here, or be aware that it may be happen to you as well, unfortunately.

The violence is here; we don't need Hollywood films (I'm being sarcastic).
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