29 Nov 2015

Would it be fair if Syria bombed France?

Just to think about it:

Would be fair if the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad bombed France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, US, among others, if it was said there were terrorist cells operating in those countries, against Syria? 

I'm not pro-Bashar al-Assad but I do not understand why there's always some countries that believe they can do whatever they want in other's countries. Russia is there in response to al-Assad who asked for help to stop rebels, not only ISIS. Whether right or wrong, Russia answered a request from his partner. However, it looks every country want to go to Syria not only to bomb ISIS, but mainly to hinder Russian President Putin.

Despicable world of self-interest!

25 Nov 2015

Russia-Turkey tensions rising

Tension in the Middle East is ratcheting up after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter airplane, with both countries accusing each other of provoking this incident.

Turkey said it has warned Russian pilots 10 times..., in 17 seconds*! This is, of course, is impossible. Even so, Turkey, a NATO member has released a tape where it’s possible to listen to some kind of English language saying ‘something’ like “change your heading south immediately”. Despite it, anyone could record a tape like that anytime, including after the incident. 

As for the Russian side, the rescued co-pilot, Capt. Konstantin Murakhtin told state media reporters that “there were no warnings – neither via radio nor visually.”  He also said he knew the region he had been flying in "very well" and that the jet had not been in Turkish airspace "even for a second".

While both countries blame one another, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu said that Russia is going to deploy S-400 defence missile systems to its Hmeymim air base near Latakia, on Syria's Mediterranean coast.  The missiles have a range of 250 kilometers (155 miles), and the Turkish border is less than 30 miles away! That’s to say, Russia is preparing to go further in Turkey in case another “incident” occur.

What really took my attention in all this, were the words of the Turkish President Recp Tayyip Erdogan:
"There is no Daesh (ISIS)" - in the area where the Russian planes were flying. "Do not deceive us! We know the locations of Daesh."

If he “knows the locations of Daesh” as he has said, then is it true that Turkey and its NATO members are arming those rebels?

The world is on the brink of a real war!

*Today, on TV, Mr. Erdogand changed this time to 5 minutes.

19 Nov 2015

The power of Press in manipulating people's mind

Almost a week since the terrorist attacks in Paris happened and all the press around the world do, is to keep talking about it. It’s something like there’s nothing happening in the globe, but the attacks on French soil. 

It demonstrates, once again, the force of the press and media alike. They have the power to brainwash people’s mind as they have been doing now. To give you an example,  a terrorist attack also took place in Nigeria this week, but almost there’s nothing about it. In Israel, Palestinians are stabbing Israelis, but again, nothing published. In Brazil, a week ago, the Mariana Town, in the State of Minas Gerais has vanished covered with mud after a dam owned by “Vale do Rio Doce” and BHP Billiton ,burst - and also the world did not know it (see below some images of the tragedy in Brazil).

So, why all this fuss about Paris attacks?

It’s simple. It’s Paris.

Nobody cares what’s going on in other parts of the world, unless it happens in Europe or US. The rest of the world, is just this: the rest.

Below, pictures of the disaster in Brazil, in Mariana, a Bento Rodrigues District, where lives where also lost, but it's almost not noticed by press around the world.

18 Nov 2015

French raids on Syria

Just to remember...

When Russia started dropping bombs on rebels in Syria, the most powerful leaders in the world blamed on Putin for doing so. Then, the ISIS went on Paris and killed several civilians and,  it's was enough to the same leaders change idea and believe that to bomb rebels in Syria is a good idea!

Now, tell me:
As the media around the world have been informing, the French raids in Syria have been hitting a lot of ISIS' "strongholds". Then, I have a question: Did the French military and/or intelligence services know where the ISIS fighters are? Have they just had a support from Russia to know where they are? 
I ask it, because, suddenly, France went 'straight' to ISIS! If they did know something about their whereabouts in Syria, they are showing up it only now..., unless they are aleatory bombing Syria just to show to the French people some kind of reaction, after the failure of not protecting France as it should have done.

It's up to you, think about it.

16 Nov 2015

A Syrian terrorist in Paris?

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, it was said that pieces of Syrian passports were found near the places where the carnage happened. I'm just thinking about that... Would the terrorists really get out to commit a suicide attack, carrying on their passports? It doesn't make any sense for me! It looks like - if they really did it - they just used these passports as a cover for their real origin and so, to outwit Secret Services.

14 Nov 2015

Paris attacks, again

France, again, is emerging from one of its worst security crises in decades after the attacks by
gunmen in early January on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Now, to be more precise, yesterday, on 13rd November 2015, terrorists attacked in several places around the capital Paris, where more than 120 people have lost their lives. In both cases, Islamic perpetrators are involved.

These attacks made me think about the French Security Services, the DGSI, which is the brand responsible for the surveillance of threats on French territory... Where was it when all this terrible attacks took place? Wasn’t it aware of anything about this? 

Traditionally, the DGSI, DGSE, ANSSI, etc., work together with the best intelligence services in the world, such as the Israeli Mossad, the Chinese CSIS, the British MI6 and the American CIA. What makes me feel confuse is the fact that none of them could alert its French counterpart on this subject! Or, was it advised and did not take any measures to cope with?

Perhaps, terrorists are being more cautious and are avoiding being caught red handed, that’s to say, speaking on a mobile phone, or reuniting in places where they know they could be spied upon. But, if so, the intelligence services must change their way of spying on suspects. In this case, the best solution is the one largely used by Mossad: to put spies on the ground and rely on them, rather than only observe what suspects are doing through electronic gadgets and satellites.

The entire world has watched for years what’s going on in Syria and none did anything to stop it. The idea is “Bashar al-Assad must leave immediately, so let’s wait and see what’s going to happen to Syria”. Then, the al-Qeda weakened, the FSA has come to light as a force to overthrow Assad, and ISIS slowly advanced to be the master of the conflict! Today Syria is more dangerous than when Assad “was” actually in power. 

ISIS became the world’s most dangerous enemy, thanks to the inertia of the world to take some action in that country. Everyone thought that the civil war was just that: a Syrian civil war. Nobody thought in the consequences it could bring to the world, and mainly to Europe. The massive wave of refugees in Europe is an answer to that inertia.

Russia, in October, started supporting Syria on fighting Daesh’s and so the “allies” came to the spot to condemn Russia (then, the only real force which was on the ground fighting on ISIL was the brave Kurds, with nothing but small weapons). Perhaps, more prone to hamper Russia than to defeat ISIS, the US and other countries started bombing Daesh’s, so did France. That’s OK. If all of them have the same foe, then it’s better to fight it together. However, ISIS now is a strong force! After more than four years in fierce battle in Iraq and Syria, they acquired valuable spoils of war, most of them from Iraq – that’s to say, US tanks, machine guns, pieces of artillery, etc – which make the terrorists confident they can surpass everyone in name of “Allah”.

Having that in mind, terrorists spread all over Europe, are ready to blow themselves up in name of Allah, as they did in France yesterday, apart from the shootings. But, why did they choose France again? France is bombing ISIS positions in Syria as Germany is supporting the Kurds in Iraq/Syria and Russia is spreading out the hell on Daesh’s in Syria. These countries are fighting the same enemy! Maybe the best answer so far, is that France has the largest Muslim community in Europe and the attacks come from..., radicalised Muslims! 

Then, I go back to the second paragraph of this text...
What’s the French intelligence Service doing to put an end to this? It’s time to show to the French people that it is capable to cope with it before things happen. It should work closely with Mossad - in my point of view the best agency to go further in the world of Muslim radicals.

To the French people, I leave you a message: “Ne jamais abandoner.” My heart and prays are with all  of you.