18 Nov 2015

French raids on Syria

Just to remember...

When Russia started dropping bombs on rebels in Syria, the most powerful leaders in the world blamed on Putin for doing so. Then, the ISIS went on Paris and killed several civilians and,  it's was enough to the same leaders change idea and believe that to bomb rebels in Syria is a good idea!

Now, tell me:
As the media around the world have been informing, the French raids in Syria have been hitting a lot of ISIS' "strongholds". Then, I have a question: Did the French military and/or intelligence services know where the ISIS fighters are? Have they just had a support from Russia to know where they are? 
I ask it, because, suddenly, France went 'straight' to ISIS! If they did know something about their whereabouts in Syria, they are showing up it only now..., unless they are aleatory bombing Syria just to show to the French people some kind of reaction, after the failure of not protecting France as it should have done.

It's up to you, think about it.

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