25 Feb 2016

President Dilma warns athletes to take precautions during Rio-16

Despite Olympic organisers insisting that Rio-2016 in Brazil this August will not be affected by the outbreak of the Zika Virus, the President Dilma Rousseff warned athletes and visitors to smother themselves in mosquito repellent to minimise the risks, besides wearing long sleeves clothing and trousers!
Dilma Rousseff speaking to students in the Northeast of Brazil

It looks like a joke to use such kind of clothing in Rio de Janeiro where the weather is always hot and moist during the entire year, but it is exactly what she said at a press conference held in Rio de Janeiro.

Epidemiologists have warned that the Olympics could accelerate the spread of the disease to other
countries through infections of athletes and other visitors. But the organisers played down such fears, saying the Games will be held in Brazil’s “winter” when the cooler, drier weather will reduce the number of mosquitoes. What wasn’t said is the the winter in Rio de Janeiro, means an average temperature of 26ºC!

Visitors must exercise a high degree of caution in Brazil during their stay, not only because the virus itself but also in reason of other serious killers “viruses”: violent crimes, particularly in major cities.
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