18 Apr 2016

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Impeachment

Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies voted in favour of President Dilma Roussef’s impeachment yesterday
The future is getting grim to Ms Rousseff
night (Sunday, 17th April). Ms Rousseff is accused of using accounting trickery to hide the true size of the deficit as well as using this money to improve social programmes in 2014 to grant her a second term in command of the country. The government vehemently denies it, accusing opposition of establishing a ‘coup’ against Ms Roussef and its left-wing Worker’s Party (PT).

Now, the struggle goes to Brazil’s Senate - and again to the streets of Brazil – while ex-President Lula (who is also investigated by Brazilian Federal Police, for corruption) works in the shadows to keep her in the highest post of Brazilian politics.

Senators will decide, as soon as possible, whether to accept the lower chamber’s motion to open impeachment proceedings against her. If the measure wins a simple majority in the 81-member Senate, Rousseff will be suspended and the Senate will essentially turn into a courtroom. However, the President of Senate, Mr. Renan Calheiros, is prone to vote for her Worker’s Party as he is a dependant ally of Rousseff and Lula. He has never cared about what the streets say – that is, calling for her impeachment – and Lula will use all his power to convince him to bring back all ‘allies’ who left in the last moment to go along with the opposition.

Left-wing groups have threatened “strikes, occupations of buildings, land occupation” and even take up arms against anyone who opposes her or PT. Ms Rousseff herself, is a former Marxist guerrilla during the early 1970’s when Brazil was still ruled by military dictatorship.

This ‘novel’ will take longer than ever..., while Brazil deepens in a recession and corruption scandals.