18 May 2017

Brazilian President Michel Temer under investigation

Brazilian President Michel Temer gave his blessing to an attempt to pay a potential witness to remain
Senator Aécio Neves and President Michel Temer
silent in the country's biggest-ever federal probe, according to plea bargain testimony by the powerful owners of JBS industries.

Temer's office on Wednesday acknowledged he had met in March with the businessman, Chairman Joesley Batista of meat giant JBS SA, but denied any part in alleged efforts to keep jailed former House Speaker Eduardo Cunha from testifying.

Senator Aécio Neves is also appointed by the whistle blowers, as one of the members of the “gang" who received millions of dollars in cash, to approve of laws to benefit JBS.

The “Polícia Federal” (the Brazilian FBI), has arrested Aecio's sister Andrea Neves today as a member of this political extortion group.

In reason of this, investors dumped Brazilian assets in home and foreign markets after the news broke out, as it shows the federal probe "Operation Car Wash", which has sent several high level businessmen/businesswoman and politicians to jail, is still in progress without no end in sight.

The good of all this, is that Brazil has been cleaning up its political image before the world. For the first time in history, this Operation has sent the powerful lords of politics and from the business market, to serve long time in jail.
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