13 May 2017

Evaluating Donald Trump

After more than 100 days as the commander-in-chief of the USA, president Donald Trump hasn’t convinced the world, yet, that he is in fact a President of one of the most important countries in the world. On the contrary, he still looks like just a businessman who has no idea what he’s doing out there, in the presidency.

While ex-Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have left behind a legacy of leadership (whether good or not) Mr. Trump thinks the US is one of 'his' companies - and not a country - and by thinking so, he’s been demonstrating he has no idea what politics is.

It’s the first time in my life I see an American President who looks more a joker than a serious man - with all respects he deserves - but It’s impossible to take him seriously, so far. Perhaps, his haughty way of saying “I do” instead of “we do” besides attacking all media that oppose his views on an array of political matters, make me thing that way.

Another issue really interesting - and awkward to the US - is how Russia is playing tricks on him. Soon 
President Trump and Russian Ambassador Kislyak, in the White House
after Mr. Trump sacked Director of FBI Mr. James B. Comey, which was investigating the participation of Russia in meddling American election last year, a Russian photographer shot a smiling President Trump warmly shaking the hand of Russian Ambassador Kislyak, in the White House. The picture was published by the Russian Foreign Ministry for the world to see, along with other pictures of Donald Trump shaking hands with other Russian officials. Mr. Sergey Kislyak, dubbed a key Russian spy by US officials, is the epicentre of allegations of collusion between Trump associates and Russian officials that Comey was investigating before he was fired.

US officials say they did not know the pictures would be made public. However, to be more specific, they did not ‘want' those pictures to be made public.

So, what does Mr. Trump have in mind? Nothing? Something? He should stop tweeting nonsense and use this precious time to start governing a nation he inherited from the well respected ex-president, Mr. Barack Obama. He could wake up and see that administering a country is totally different from managing his companies. He still have time to learn politics but to do so, first he should treat himself from this anger towards media news and bring them to his side, as well as to stop blaming Democratic Party for all his failures. If he manage to handle it, them he could - perhaps - be at least remembered as an awkward president, and not as a joker.

For the time being, Russian President Putin is the most important ‘leader’ of the world. The craziest  is undoubtedly the North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un, so far, that’s to say… if Trump does not occupy his position.

Let’s wait and see Trump’s next move.

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